Fast Fixes for Major Website Emergencies

Sometimes when your website breaks you know what went wrong and your tech can fix it. But other times your website is broken so badly that your regular tech can't fix it.

  • Has your site been hacked?
  • Is it off-line or just plain missing?
  • Has something happened to your hosting?
  • Has it experienced a catastrophic break?
  • Is your site locked down?

Get Help Anytime, Anywhere

It doesn't matter if it's mid-day or the weekend — if you're next door or in Alaska. You can call our Emergency Response Team to you website ASAP.

Within hours you'll have:*

  • A website diagnosis (What's wrong and what it'll take to fix it.)
  • A landing page notifying customers you're down for repairs
  • An estimate of what it'll cost to fix it (If it's more cost effective to build new we'll say so – if the damage is fatal we'll suggest options.)

Low risk upfront fee of only $250    Scramble the Team

* There are some cases (legal and payment) where your website cannot be restored due to a non-technical problem.

What Happens After the Diagnosis?

Sometimes it's not as bad as it looks. If your problem can be fixed inside the $250 upfront fee we'll gladly do so. Other times we're off to the ER with a long hard struggle to resuscitate your website.

It comes down to what's possible and what's in the best interest of your business. Your website is unique and the problems that befall it are equally unique. Because of this, we cannot list a definitive price on what it will cost to fix your site.

      Here's a classic example for you.
      Alejandro has a WordPress website with a dozen plugins that crashed with no errors. It will cost him an additional $300 to get it fixed.

As soon as you approve the additional procedures, our team will get your website up and running as fast as possible.

100% Risk Free: All additional procedures (beyond the $250 upfront fee) are risk free to you. If we think we can fix it and it turns out we can't, we'll refund you the additional charge!

Get Your Site Fixed Today

So, your website is down. What will it take to get it back?

Call The Website Emergency Response Team and for a non-refundable fee of only $250 you'll have an initial diagnosis (and a fix if the problem is simple) within hours.

Within hours you'll know if your website can be recovered. You'll also know about how long it will take and what it should cost to get you back up and running. If you pay us to execute the prescribed treatment and it doesn't work, we'll refund you the prescribed treatment cost.

Once you're back online, you should consider Catastrophe Insurance to safeguard against future loss.

Would You Like to Avoid a Repeat of That Hair-Raising Experience?

You can buy Catastrophe Insurance to help prevent future loss. For a one time setup fee, we'll tweak the settings on your site to make it easier for us to bring your website back to life.

Then for a small monthly fee your website will be backed up to an off-site server on a regular (usually daily) basis. If something goes wrong in the future, we'll simply roll your website back to the most recent backup. It's never been easier for you to reduce your risk and rest easy at night!

Compare your website to this example to get an idea of what it will cost.

      Brian has a traditional WordPress website running a standard configuration with one gigabyte of uploads and photos. He will have a setup fee of $100 and a $10 per month backup fee.

Once you're a client, you can call us with a problem and we'll complete the emergency rollback for only $50 (usually within 15 minutes).

Not Just For Techs Any More

Good techs almost never experience technological emergencies. When they do run into trouble they just fix it. You can experience this same peace of mind by having a team of good techs on stand-by.

Next time you run into tech problems, you'll have no reason to panic. Just call us and we'll put your website to rights again. No emergency – just honest techs fixing your!


Jeremiah Stover of Dauntless Solutions.
I started because I hate seeing good companies go under just because they don't know anyone skilled enough to get them through a website catastrophe. I'm the senior System Administrator on the team and have years of experience working wonders on hopeless website cases. The best thing about emergency work is that it takes our team's high level of skill (both from the server side and from the programming side) and requires us to use it under pressure. There is nothing more satisfying than taking that hopeless case and turning it around.


Zechariah Stover When folks come to us it's like they've been in a really bad car accident. They're in shock and don't have any idea what to do. We arrive on scene, take charge, and lift that overwhelming burden from their shoulders by taking care of everything. Emergency work like this utilizes our troubleshooting skills at a maximum level. In some ways it's discouraging because if they'd come to us ahead of time we could have safeguarded their business at a fraction of the cost. In other ways, it's very encouraging because many of these companies would go under if we weren't here to help them.”